16 April 2011

Experience: With Graze

Not typically something I would blog about but its still something that interests me. So about a month ago Sami mentioned Graze which is a company that send out little boxes once a week (or whenever you like) of healthy snacks. Anyhow its about £3.50 for a box but if you use a promotional code you get one free box to try and one half price box. Gives you the chance to see if its worth while.

I made sure I got boxes without stuff in I am allergic to and things I can't bare to eat and that was easy to do, everything is vegetarian and there is a option to select if you are vegan or allergic to nuts. I always got the boxes the day they were due. The boxes and the punnets are recyclable as well which is good. Not sure about the cellophane though.

Fits through your letter box and comes in a box which looks like this

This is what it looks like inside, I like how in different boxes have different art work on the top

And these are a few of the different things I was sent

Some things were nice others not so nice. I'd recommend trying this out to anyone really, just cancel after the first box and that's free. If you like you can carry on or not, either way its easy to do.

my code for the free box is W6JXVM4 if you want to use that

[I'm not paid and don't have anything to do with graze, just liked the product]

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