18 April 2011

Experience: With Sleek

I am quite sure you are all well aware of the complete and utter farce that happened in November last year with Sleek. They decided to do a 50% off sale, to cut a long story short I spent all day trying to place and order thought it had went through. Had no word about it, was told yes it had gone through then eventually it hadn't, a pain as some of it was for Christmas gifts.

I got a email through at the beginning of April, a massive five months later with a code for 50% off there website. But in the mean time Sleek have hiked up all of there prices, particularly on the eyeshadow palettes. And of course Christmas 2010 had been and gone.

So I placed my order and everything was in stock and went through smoothly. Next day I got my parcel in the post. Was very well packaged with tissue paper, bubble wrap and little boxes.

If I were to judge the company by my second attempt I couldn't criticise at all. Very smooth, quick, well packaged. I got a free mini lip gloss with the order, not sure if they offered that back in November I don't remember.

However then there was the first time which I have to note the really bad customer service. The price increases, five month delay in getting out the new codes.

I'm split at the moment, perhaps they are trying to redeem themselves then again it was awful the first time round not just for myself but for lots of people.

What do you think about the who farce? Did you make an order originally?

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