14 April 2011

Review: Jelly Belly - Lip Balm

Those who have been having a bit of a read for a while now will know that I got this for Valentines Day. It was also a great bargain from ASOS.

So this is a rather nice threesome of lip balms from Jelly Belly, I have such an addiction to those!

So as you can see the scents are of Bubblegum, Blueberry and Very Cherry. From their website it describes the products as "Deliciously soft lips anyone? Vibrantly smelling soothing lip balm to keep your lips oh so soft & oh so kissable...what more can you ask for...." soft, yes that's right, kissable? Well maybe ask my other half! They all do have special scents and none are horrible.

They all hold a generous amount at 8g each and they all smell amazing. They are the 'finger in pot' type of a product which I don't really like for hygiene reasons and plus once your fingernails get past a certain point you have to be careful of what your doing.

The consistency of these is something different, more like a not quite fully solid gel. Harder than typical jelly though, really hard to explain! They don't particularly moisturise the lips nor do they offer any colour but they do make your lips look a little glossy and fix the urge for non-dry lips leaving them soft!

97p each according to the website and based on that I would be willing to try out some of the other flavours, would recommend.


8g - 97p
Jelly Belly UK

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