29 April 2011

Review: Lush - Bearded Lady

So you may remeber a while back I got a lot of Lush stuff. This review has taken me ages to get around to doing because I have that much Lush bath products it takes a while to get through them all!

I think this is supposed to be Mrs Clause with a foam beard

And this is the entire thing crumbled in to the bath, you can clearly see all the bubbles!

They say ~  moisturising oat milk to keep skin soft when it's dry in autumn and winter; there are fresh avocados and bananas, and jojoba and almond oils to soften you up when you have your winter baths

I say ~ It does make tons of bubbles and turns the water a dull pink colour. Its not bad really as it is supposed to be a bubble bar but I like more of a scent. It really smell of much and while it says it keeps skin soft I still had to moisturise afterwards. I wouldn't buy it again but its not terrible or anything. More of a 'meh' response!


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