16 April 2011

Review: Lush - Calavera Bath Ballistic

 So being a total lushie I had WAY too many bath ballistics to try out. Problem is I only have one bath a week, keeps it a bit special and besides I dont have the time for 3 hour baths everyday! Not to panic though I do shower! Anyhow this is a ballistic from Day of the Dead which Lush brought out last year rather than a bunch of Halloween goodies. Calavera in Spanish is 'skulls'.

They say - Sadly, there isn't any tequila in this brightly coloured bomb but we were sure to fill it up with marigold petals and zesty lime oil to make your bath time festive! Celebrate the season with burst of citrus and massive swirls of oranges, pinks and greens to lift your spirits out of this world.

I say - Quite sadly this ballistic wasnt something that I was over joyed with. It was quite fun watching it change different colours as it dissolved but after that it just left the water a lime green colour. It did smell quite zesty but this didnt last on my skin and it didnt moisturise my skin either. Also it had a lot of flower petals in it which ended up all in my hair and wouldnt come out.

Would I buy it again? No
Would I recommend it? No


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