6 April 2011

Review: Lush - Freeze Shower Gel

They say ~  Freeze gets your skin tingling, as it's packed with peppermint oil. When you're cold peppermint makes you feel warm and when you're hot it cools you down. Mostly we're hot so Freeze feels delightfully cool and tingly. It's lovely to wash hair with too. Freeze isn't just made with peppermint; you can also detect reviving orange, uplifting bergamot, soothing aloe and refreshing sea salt. Use it after a hot session at the gym or a sticky journey home on transit for body and mind refreshment.

I say ~ Yeah so this smells amazingly pepper minty which I really like, it didnt make me tingle though and the scent didnt linger on my skin. It lathered up nicely though and smelt quite awakening which is useful for that first thing shower!

Overall its okay but for the price I wouldnt buy it again. The colour in the second picture is more accurate. I can't remember the price off the top of my head, but I guess around the £5 mark. Its retro only so you can't buy it in store.


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