13 April 2011

Review: Lush - Gumback Express Shower Smoothie

I got this in the January sales and have given it a good trying out now.

They say ~ Bananas makes your skin really, really soft, so we squashed a bundle up and mixed them with ground almonds. Ground almonds are nutritious and exfoliating, which also leave the skin very soft. Honey and almond oil are also very softening and moisturizing. So you can imagine how you'll feel after lathering up in this creamy shower smoothing. Soft. Very, very soft (and clean too!).

I say ~ Well first thing I noticed was it was in a pot which is always a pain to use in the shower, from unscrewing the top to dripping water in it. Visually it doesnt look all that pretty, its a really thick substance, think squished bananas. The scent is of wood shavings to me, not over powering or anything.

Doesnt sound like a good review does it! Well the product itself is a really good at exfoliating, I wouldnt use it all over my body like a shower gel because it is gritty. Really nice to use on my legs though and a bonus point was it seemed to have stopped ingrown hairs from shaving. After using it I was worried how dry my skin would be because of how exfoliating it was but I was nicely surprised as they were so moisturised I didnt have to use a moisturiser afterwards, even after shaving.

Because of the cost between £8 and £10 I dont think I would repurchase this, although it is worth a go if you have that excess money in your pocket!


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