4 April 2011

Review: My Spring It

So having had a bit of a peek at my up close lip photos I was thinking maybe I did have excessive upper lip fluff? Didnt think I had a problem before but thought for 67p I thought I may as well have a go!

Peach fuzz upper lip before

So basically you bend in in to a U shape like this

and then using your fingers you twist it towards your face which catches your fluff in the springs before pulling them out. Sort of like threading. This is me afterwards, if you look you will see the peach fuzz on my bottom lip which I hadnt tried to remove
(ignore the bit of black on my lip!) something I have noticed is how many freckles I seem to have around my mouth. Especially odd having one on my lip, didnt know that was possible!

Pain - The pain of this tool was bearable, I have waxed and plucked before although not on my lip, and the pain was more than plucking which I guess is because your taking out more than one hair. But less than waxing, as you dont have any sticky strips pulling at your skin. Not too bad and I would use it again!

Does it do what it says it will? Yeah it does, you dont just have to use it on your upper lip either you can use it on the rest of your face as well if you desire. Only area I dont recommend is your eyebrows as you would want to be more precise in what your doing. Although I think if you had a mono brow going on you could sort that out with this.

Value for money? I think where I got it from it was although from MySpringIt it is $15.99 which clearly is a lot more that 67p!

Overall - If you want to see any more info on this see MySpringIt. Although I dont recommend getting it from there, purely because of the price. I've never used that site before so couldnt comment on its services. I dont think I would buy another one because I dont think I really had a problem to begin with. Its supposed to last for a year though so for an occasional user I imagine longer. I bought mine from BuyInCoins and I really like this website. I did have a very long wait for my parcel although it was the festive season, bad weather and then the royal mail did fail! Its actually 65p on the site now and with free P&P its nothing to be sniffed at!

(purely because it didnt come with black handles!)

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