13 April 2011

Shopping Trip - Nine in one day...

I have called this a haul but really I didn't buy them all that day! I think I need to curb my nail polish buying because my new storage is getting too small... not good! These all were bought or arrived in one day:


So what is there?
Sally Hansen Mega Shine top coat x2 - supposed to be £2.99 a piece but got all 3 Sally Hansen items for £1.97 in TJ Hughes
Sally Hansen Nail Base Quencher - £1.97

Stargazer 232 - £2.00 (been searching forever for this mirror chrome!)

OPI: Nevermore Mini
OPI: Obscurity Mini
OPI: Sanguine Mini
OPI: Unripened Mini - Go Goth Set eBay £7.80
I have been lusting after this little Go Goth set since september / october last year so its amazing I found this so late, cheap and even had a freebie!

W7 Silver Earthquake - £1.99 stall in shopping centre
(no need to fork out £6 for the models own one)

So is 9 nail polishes in one day bad? Well i suppose if that happened every day then yeah it would be but it just so happened that they all arrived the same day. Although since then I have bought three Sleek polishes but that's a different blog.

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