17 April 2011

Storage: Eyelashes

I have no idea no why I thought it would be a good idea to call this series 'storage' but suppose have to stick with it now!

ELF - Hollywood Eyelash Kit
ELF - Dramatic Lashes
Eylure - Tokyo Purple Lashes
Sleek - Singapore Lashes
ELF - Natural Lashes
ELF - Diamond Lashes
Primark - Snow Angel Lashes

I have finally came to the conclusion that my natural eyelashes are long, in some cases longer than the natural false ones. Which means there isn't much point in me getting natural looking ones, which means I get to try out lots of different adventurous ones. For example the Eylure ones or the Diamond ones from ELF. Might have to try getting some feather ones next!

What kind of false lashes do you like?

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