21 April 2011

Tutorial: Easter Bunny

While I don't celebrate easter myself I thought it would be a good time to do a little bit of rabbit nail art!

You will need:
- Dark green Nail Art Pen
- Orange Nail Art Pen
- White Nail Art Pen
- Black Nail Art Pen
- ELF Polish in Blush

Paint your nails Blush

Using the white nail art pen make two circles for the head and body, and draw on some ears too

Using the orange nail art pen, make little triangle shapes for the carrot bodies

With the green nail art pen make a V shape at the top of the carrots

And finally with the black nail art pen draw a little bow for the rabbit

And thats that done! I am not too sure about the bow but otherwise the rabbit doesnt look finished. Anyone have any other ideas about what to do to finish off the look without the bow?

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