8 May 2011

Attempting Creativity - Nail Polish Storage #2

Okay so while I made another one it was getting full and taking up too much room, and didn't look too good. I had been looking on eBay and did find some but they were so expensive and so simple looking. I know I didn't do too well in my wood work GCSE back in the day but thought I might be able to knock something up.

Used some plasterboard we had lying around after some building work so used that and just covered it with an old black tshirt. Now I think this one looks a lot better, its more stable and takes up no room. Only problem is I should have had another shelf because its looking quite full already! But I guess I could make another one as we have plenty of left over plasterboard.

Its 64cm tall and about 32cm wide

47 polishes, am I insane?!

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