15 May 2011

Experience: Eyeko Ambassador

I joined up to this programme because I thought it might be nice for my friends and family to get a freebie. You get 15% commission for each purchase over a certain amount and you only get paid if you 'earn' over £5 a month. Apparently this changed though as it used to be able to carry over from month to month. They seem to have been changing things around to benefit them rather than their customers / ambassadors. I would only buy from them if something caught my eye rather than any other reason.

So, that being said someone bought something from them using my code and I got my ambassadors pack through in the post

So my freebie was the lip gloss in Portobello which costs £6.50
(which completely isn't my shade)

I wasn't actually expecting to receive this kit because I wasn't actively advertising my link or anything. I was thinking about pulling out of the scheme because its not as good as it once was, but while I doubt I will ever get any money from it, people still might benefit from the code and get themselves a freebie so for now I will be sticking with it.

If you want to use my code to get a freebie then do, if not then that's alright too :)

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