2 May 2011

Getting Wiggy With It!

Yeah so the title is awful but couldn't stop myself really! Anyone else think its sort of awesome how Will and Jada Smith have named there children names with there own names in them? Jaden and Willow?

Anyhow getting on with the point of this blog, I have an urge for bright purple hair but it never works, when I have gone purple in the past it fades so fast there isn't much point in putting in the amount of effort. So when I sold some bits on eBay I thought I may as well order a wig to play about with. I got it from this eBay shop. It did take a while to get here, about 20 days but that's to be expected. The seller was friendly and very helpful despite English not being their first language. It cost me about £16 and this is the photo of it on eBay which does display the colour accurately although the length on me seems shorter.

The flash seems to white out me a lot, and make the colour of the wig look a lot lighter than it is

No idea what is going on with my eyes in this one! Normally I get the red eye thing going on not this weird thing!

The darker colour at the ends of the length is more accurate as to the actual colour of the wig. What do you think? Can I pull off purple hair?

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