4 May 2011

Review: Acrylic System

I ordered this from Born Pretty Store a while back and it is an acrylic system.

It came with three powders
pink / white / transparent


Two brushes

Dappen dish

It didn't come with any instructions which isn't good, also the English written on the pots and bottle is bad. Quite funny actually! I looked online though for instructions and found some on YouTube. The length on the brushes is of note as they are about 30cm.

It took a while to get the knack of dipping the brush in the liquid and then in to the powder but I guess that's the learning curve. It works and is nice and hard once dried. My only complaint is the over powering scent of the liquid, but from what I hear that is normal. Just keep the windows open!

I might buy this again, but more likely to go for single items as I wont need to purchase another dappen dish and the powders will last a long while. I think I will buy a black powder make some lovely black hard wearing nails.



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