8 May 2011

Review: Argos - Curling Tong

Brief hair history... I have long, thick, straight hair, has a very mild wave to it. Doesn't hold curls or waves well at all usually. But I thought after using rollers and those failing that I may as well bite the bullet and get a curling tong. I do blame my mother for that as she was getting one at the time.. she has curly hair so no clue as to why! As my hair is so straight I thought I wouldn't want to fork out a lot for a tong for my hair to fail at being curled.

[picture from Argos]

I ended up not buying them myself as my wonderful other half bought them for me :D but enough of that you want to know all about the product!

They say:
 •2 temperature settings
•Maximum temperature 170°C.
•Swivel cord.

I say: I actually really like the swivel cord, it really makes my straighteners seem so annoying! The temperature does its job well in my hair which is good plus my extensions can be heat treated up to 180°C so this is another bonus. The curler itself looks sleek not cheap, but the box it came in well it was most defiantly a value type box! That's irrelevant really though as we all know we chuck those out.

This really isn't the thing I blog about usually but I like to have my say on things I love or hate. Always good to spread the word. So this is the first time I curled my hair... ever... be kind!

And yes I look scared, because I am scared! My hair has never looked like that ever, no matter how I have tried in the past. Now clearly I need to try working on a technique but for my first time I think its not too bad. I was hoping for a more beachy type wave but I think if you brush them out with your fingers that will happen?

Anyhow these lasted for well over 12hours which is a LOT more than anything else I have tried. For a grand total of £3.74 I totally recommend this hair curler! My hair like I say is thick and pretty much poker straight naturally and if it works on that then it should work on any type of hair!


£3.74 - Argos

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