16 May 2011

Review: The Body Shop - Hemp Hand Protector

Another item I purchased in an attempt to sort out my nails. I have came to the conclusion they are so weak because I am anemic and chances are that's causing problems. I got this when The Body Shop had a 50% off deal going.

They say ~ With Community Trade hemp seed oil from England and Community Trade beeswax. A family-run co-operative supplies us with the Community Trade hemp for our body care range. It is grown using traditional farming methods passed down through the generations and without the use of pesticides – helping to protect the natural habitat. The crop provides a stable income for the farmers and a rich oil for us.

What do I think? ~ I did buy this back in February or maybe the beginning of March so been using it for a while. Anyway its really thick, like thicker than toothpaste or as thick as one. You need a pea sized amount for each hand and just rub it in to the hands and cuticles. It is really thick and intense so best use it at night where you don't mind having oily hands.

The scent has been described as earthy which I guess is true, but it does have a very distinctive hemp smell which isn't bad. It stays on your skin for a little while too. Now my hands aren't particularly dry even in the winter, I do wash my hands well over 15 times a day so need something to help them be moisturised but for me this is too intense. I don't have dry or cracked hands, but I could see this as being really good for that. I personally wont be buying this again but that's because its targeted at very dry hands rather than semi dry hands!

Overall ~ I think its a little overpriced but if you do suffer from cracked dry hands then do go for it.


30ml - £5

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