20 May 2011

Review: Clinique Moisturiser

The name of this is a total mouthful! Why name something so long! Dramatically different moisturising lotion, you need a degree in English language to say it without getting tongue tied! I actually got this one free with Glamour Magazine which cost £2 which was nice, it was a 30ml sample.

They say ~ Skin's moisture "drink". Helps replenish lost moisture. Skin looks fresher and healthier. Leaves no residue.

What do I think? ~ Well this is one of those over hyped products in my opinion, it is £15 for 50ml on there website which is completely too much. I personally have combination / oily skin and found that this moisturiser wasn't bad at first. Its quite thin of a lotion which isn't always a bad thing but this applied to my face was fine at first then about an hour in to it it really left a sheen over the entire of my face which is not attractive! Really does leave a residue on my face and doesnt make my skin look fresher or healthier.

It doesn't really smell of anything, sinks in well though. For me personally I wont be buying this again, it doesn't do anything for me and for the price is way too high! Perhaps if you have really dry skin then try a sample before buying!


50ml - £15

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