9 May 2011

Review: ELF - Mineral Starter Kit

I got this ages ago, around a year ago now but never got around to reviewing it. Besides in the winter my skin gets quite dry and doesn't like powder foundations. Now though I have used this enough to be able to review it.

They say ~ "Our Starter Kit will help you on your way to healthier illuminating skin in an easy 3 step process. After following this beauty regime you will noticeably feel and see the pure difference e.l.f. Natural Mineral Makeup can do! All of our natural mineral makeup is 100% mineral based with no parabens, no preservatives and no chemical dyes"

With them being powders you have to be careful, or you'll end up with them everywhere like me!

I say ~ I haven't made my mind up about where I stand with parabens so not going to comment on that. I liked the way it all came in a nice little kit which is good for beginners. I got the kit in 'light' because apparently it is more suitable for lighter skin tones than the 'fair' although the foundation still is a little dark for me but I have taken to adding a little bit of the lighter concealer which helps make it lighter.

I've actually been using the little case which it all comes in as a make up bag for on the go, makes swapping handbags so much more easier! It comes with the standard line total face brush, which I reviewed already here. Its nice but I prefer to use the studio powder brush or a kabuki to apply the foundation. Also comes with the standard line bronzer brush which again I have already reviewed here. I prefer to use the studio stipple brush to apply the blush because otherwise it is very easy to apply too much. What I do like about the included brushes is the fact they have black handles where as usually they are white.

Light Foundation ~ Offers a light coverage and it doesn't feel as if you are wearing a foundation which is really nice especially in the summer. Its good as you don't feel as if its melting off from the heat, it stays put well and evens my skin tone easily (although a little dark).

(this did come with a sifter but it annoyed me so I removed it)

Light Concealer ~ This is lighter than the foundation and therefore is good for under the eyes as well as mixing with the foundation to lighten it. It seems to have a thicker texture than the foundation and again it stays put on skin. The kit doesn't come with a brush to apply this, I like to use the studio concealer brush.

Coral Blush ~ This blush for me seems to be really dark for the kit, when I wear this it seems to be more of a bronzer than a blusher. I don't particularly like the shade and think it would be nice if you could choose your own colour option from the mineral blushes. But the product itself is really nice, long lasting as well. You have to be careful when applying this as to not be too heavy handed otherwise you might end up looking like a clown!


Mineral Foundation-SPF 15 (3.4grams)
Mineral Concealer-SPF 15 (3.4grams)
Mineral Blush (3.4grams)
Total Face Brush
Bronzing Brush
Canvas Case

£15 - ELF

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