29 May 2011

Review: ELF - Natural Looking Lush Lashes

I ordered these a while ago and when I received them they didn't look even, one was a lot more dramatic however after a quick email I was sent out a new set of lashes and these are the ones I am reviewing. The customer service for Eyes Lips Face UK is wonderful though, very much worth noting.

Now in the pack they don't look particularly natural however when they are on they do

I did however come across a problem

Not sure if the photo depicts it well or not but my natural eyelashes poke out from underneath the false lashes! And so I think these lashes aren't good for me, however that's because my lashes are quite long to begin with. But if you have short lashes they would look natural and luscious which is what you are aiming for.

Hope you can ignore the dodgy eyeliner but I was also trying out a new eyeliner pen. Clearly need to work on the technique! I'd recommend them if you haven't long lashes to begin with, however DO buy some different glue as the one provided isn't good. I use one by Allure which lasts for ages and its good too.


£1.50 - ELF

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