26 May 2011

Review: Primark Mascara - Ball Games

Got this back in April and I actually really am liking it, very cheap at less than £3 and I have heard that it is dupe for L'├ôreal telescopic explosion which is around the £8 mark. Also a dupe for Givenchy's Phenomenon'Eyes which comes in around £20. I would recommend this, at the price even if you only end up using it on your bottom lashes then its fine.

What do I like?
 Fact you can see the brush in the packaging
 Cheap price tag
 Amazing brush for little lashes
 No flaking
 No clumping 
 Not waterproof so easy to remove

What don't I like?
 It takes a while to coat all lashes due to small size
 Excessive packaging

8 / 10

Have you tried one of these ball mascara wands?

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