12 May 2011

Tutorial: Lace Nail Art

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I really like the laced nail look so thought I would do a tutorial while I was on practicing

You will need:
- Home made gem pick lol!
- White Nail Art Pen
- Pink / Red Nail Art Pen
- Black Nail Art Pen
- Red Nail Polish [I chose ELF - Light Red]
- Red rhinestone

Once you have painted on a base coat, paint your nails with the red

Using the striping end of the black nail art pen draw some lines on

Again use the brush to draw a line across the top

Fill in the top black

Draw on some semi circles with the pen end of the black pen

Dot on some pink dots with the nail art pen

Use the white nail art pen to draw on a little bow, and then stick on a red gem

Its quite cute and not too complex, I got the basic idea from a tutorial I saw on YouTube. Plus you could easily swap the colours around make something more you.

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