30 June 2011

Swatch: ELF - Lilac

Defiantly a three coater but really nice pastel shade

Base: ELF -  Lilac

27 June 2011

Swatch: ELF - Mango Madness

This is one of those three coater type of polishes, very fluorescent in colouring!

25 June 2011

Nails: Purple Polka Dots

I do my nails a fair bit, and I often find my cat wanting in on it.

Which can be a little distracting while your painting your nails

My cat lives indoors and usually wears soft claws. So after doing research on the nail polish in question to make sure it was safe for her I got on with it;

Nothing too complicated as they were purple to begin with. As she is used to wearing them she didn't mind at all.

24 June 2011

Nails: Good Enough to Eat

I entered a competition entitled 'Good Enough to Eat' and thought I would try out watermelon nails;


22 June 2011

Tutorial: CSI Nail Art

I was inspired by a YouTube video.

I used:
~ Black Nail Polish
~ Black Nail Art Pen
~ White Nail Art Pen
~ Yellow Nail Polish

Paint your nails black

Using a white striping brush, or a white polish do diagonal lines

And again

Using the pen end of the two way white nail art pen, draw the outline of a person (you could use a thin paint brush too)

Over the white lines you need to cover it up with a yellow nail polish (or maybe a nail art pen if you have one)

Using the black nail art pen just write on the yellow 'tape' the words "crime" and "scene" and that's that done!

Nails: Good Enough to Eat #2

The wonderful bloggers over at Nail Polish Art Addiction were running a contest which you may have seen me blog about before. I decided against the watermelon designs because maybe they have been over done.

This is my final design

Thumb - Oreo

Forefinger - Party Ring

Middle Finger - Jammy Dodger

Ring Finger - Choc Chip

Pinky - Chocolate Digestive

There are some amazingly creative designs over there! I suggest you head over and be in awe of the creativity. If you would like to vote me, I'm number 13 but no pressure. 

I noticed that almost all the food was of fast food or snacks, sweet tooth anyone?

20 June 2011

Swatch: ELF - Mod Mauve

Applies nicely although it is quite a unique colour!

The base is Mod Mauve and the stamping colour is ELF Black

13 June 2011

Swatch: MUA Quake / Crackle Polish

This is the blue one, called Quake

The purple one is, Broken Arrow

They don't dry and crackle as quickly as the Barry M Special Effects. However you can see they they do crackle and give that usual shattered effect.

12 June 2011

Nails: Blue Abstract

Stamping Plate: M64
Polish: MUA - Navy
Stamping Polish: Barry M - Blueberry Ice Cream

Nails: Smoked Squares

Stamping Plate: M61
Polish: ELF - Smoky Brown
Stamping Polish: ELF - Chocolate Brown

Nails: Peacock Stamping

Been playing about with some stamping nail art this week.
Haven't quite gotten the hang of it but I am getting there and just need more practice.

Stamping Plate: M64
Polish: 17 - Peacock
Stamping Polish: ELF - Black

9 June 2011

Nails: Zebra Stripes

Did you know every zebra print is unique?

Being that all zebra's have unique prints it means that you can't really go wrong in recreating the look! 

8 June 2011

Swatch: Eyeko - Saucy Polish

It is so opaque I was impressed a lot but this and in both photos its one coat! I did apply a base coat but its still managed to turn my fingers and nails reddy / pink for a few days after removing. The photo below is a more accurate representation of the colour.

Nails: Johnny Depp Characters

6 June 2011

Tutorial: Cute Skull Request

I used:
Sally Hansen - Nail Quencher
OPI - Obscurity
White Nail Art Pen
Black Nail Art Pen
Pink Nail Art Pen
2mm Pink Gem
Models Own - True Blue
Sally Hansen - Insta-Dri Top Coat

So I started off with a matte black base and then drew on the outline of the skull using the white nail art pen

It doesn't have to be perfect at this stage. Go ahead and fill in the skull outline with more of the white

Dab three pink spots on to the top left

Join up the dots to make a bow, and then define the eyes a little more

I also stuck on a pink gem in the middle of the bow. Also did a masculine skull on my thumb, drew a bandanna on his head to make it more masculine.