4 June 2011

Hair Extensions

I really would like it if my hair would grow longer, right now its 28" from the front of my hairline to the ends. I am wanting to grow my hair down to about tailbone length, lucky for me I am short and don't have to grow my hair much more! Its about three or four more inches before its quite long enough. I don't want it any longer because sitting on your hair sounds really painful!

I ordered some clip in hair extensions in off black as that is usually the colour of my hair. I do dye it black but it only stays ebony black for a week or two before settling at a off black. I got the full head set at 24" which is longer than the hair from the nape of the neck to the tips. They were £16 from this eBay seller. Super friendly customer services and they even offer to match the colour of there extensions to your hair colour if you send them a photo for free! fantastic! They didn't actually have the 24" ones in the off black but I messaged them and the next day they had listed some for me which was nice.

On to the photos as we all like to see those!

Its so hard to photo the back of your head, and I so need to clean the mirror!

This is showing how it blends with my natural hair

You can clearly see I have just dyed my hair black! But I suppose that makes it easier to see how they would blend and they will as soon as it fades a little. To be fair they are not that much longer than my own hair, should have gone for something longer I think. They do make my hair thicker but again my natural hair is quite thick to begin with.

Something I like about these extensions is that they can be curled and straightened. Particularly the curling sounds as if it would be really nice with these in my hair, something similar to Cheryl Cole or Lauren Conrad loose waves style

What do you think?

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