29 June 2011

Review: Eyeko - Lip Gloss Shoreditch

Eyeko Say ~ Creamy rose makes for a flirty lip look! Whether you’re browsing in Brick Lane or partying in Hoxton Square.

I Say ~ Well I haven't a clue as to what the description is on about having never even been to the capital, but the colour description is pretty accurate. It is a creamy rose tone, something which the Eyeko website doesn't actually show too well.

This swatch isn't 100% accurate as its a little darker on my lips in real life. It does have a scent, its a little bit fruity but it reminds me of one of those plastic doll toys I had back in the 80's. Either way it doesn't linger and its not really sticky or gloopy, very wearable lip gloss which is something coming from me as I don't generally like it. I got this one free as a gift when I placed my order for the polishes using an Eyeko code.

Overall ~ If its on offer I would say go for it because its a good formula, nice colour, scent isn't off putting. But at £6.50 for a lip gloss that is too expensive for me and I wont be buying it once this one runs out.


£6.50 - 13.5g

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