8 June 2011

Swatch: Eyeko - Saucy Polish

I was going to make this more of a swatch sort of a post but thought I had too much to say for one of those!

They say ~ It's a classic! One coat of this rich scarlet shade will turn your talons into hot stuff!

I say ~ I got this as part of a threesome and its not really my colour to be honest but I think its workable and wearable. I'm quite amused by all of the names for the Eyeko polishes. This particular one is; Saucy Polish for Naughty Nails. And while it may not be a naughty polish (well a little) it sure is a saucy colour to me.

It is so opaque I was impressed a lot but this and in both photos its one coat! I did apply a base coat but its still managed to turn my fingers and nails reddy / pink for a few days after removing. The photo below is a more accurate representation of the colour [and yes I do need to clean up my paint job!]

Overall ~ For £5 for the 8ml it isn't really worth it even if it is a one coater. If it were £3 or 15ml then yes I would say go for it. There are cheaper equally as good bright red polishes out there though.


£5 - 8ml

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