3 June 2011

Review: Lush - Gingerbread House

A very late review on Lush's Gingerbread House! Not a bad product though has to be said.

How cute was this bubble bar! Even has a little chimney!

It turned the bath water a orange colour

They say ~ A Bath You Won't ReGretel. Christmas is a confectioner's dream, especially with our Gingerbread House Bubble Bar. It is sweetly spiced like fresh gingerbread and there's no wicked witch in sight, nor any sign of Hansel or Gretel eating her out of house and home.

I think ~ Well it does smell vaguely of Christmas, but its more a ginger scent. It made lots of bubbles and it turned the water a ginger colour. It didn't dry my skin nor did it moisturise it. I don't think it was spectacular enough to repurchase though.


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