1 June 2011

Review: Models Own / WAH Pen

These WAH Nails / Models Own Nail Art Pens were really hyped up before they finally came out. Anyhow I think that this has now finally died down. I ended up buying this black one and a white one when I had a 20% off code a while back, think maybe January. So have fully tried out both of these.

So this is what is inside of the box

Once you pull off the lid you can see the odd looking top, this is a pin to stop from blocking

Hope you can see what it actually looks like!

Its such a pain to get back in to the mini hole though! If you twist off the top you get this little thin stripping brush

Now they say ~ Each nail pen has a duo application system consisting of a thin nib for intricate art work along with a long thin brush to add strokes and lines. Revolutionising the at home manicure, you'll be able to create personalised, unique nails without leaving your house!

I think ~ Its not bad, the formula is pretty much standard. The only difference between this one and the generic ones from eBay is the bristles in the brush stay put which is wonderful. Also the size of the tube is around 2cm bigger than the generic ones. I do like this but for the price I wouldn't buy it again, very much overpriced for my ickle budget!


£6 Models Own

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