20 June 2011

Review: Sally Hansen - Cuticle Cremé

Despite the scruffy packaging this product didnt really appeal but for 99p why not!

They say ~ Infuses cuticles and nails with mineral-rich hydration. Essential oils and plant extracts help soothe and replenish while binding moisture to the skin. Absorbs quickly into nails and cuticles to deeply hydrate and nourish encouraging stronger healthy nails. Helps keep cuticles supple and nails resilient. Massaging Nail Quencher into cuticle helps stimulate cell renewal. 

So while I did get this when it was going cheap its something I am glad about as it is just a thin lotion which sinks in quickly. The scent is of limonene to me and I have found it not all that hydrating. Both of the experiences I have had with the 'Nail Quencher' range have left a lot to be desired. 

Overall I say don't bother wasting your money on this, even if it is only 99p. I will be using it all up but not repurchasing. Back to the drawing board!

2 / 10

£7.99 - 24g
Sally Hansen

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