22 June 2011

Tutorial: CSI Nail Art

I was inspired by a YouTube video, but I am a fan of CSI (Vegas all the way!)
You may have seen this nail art a while ago in my long lost nail polish challenge.

You'll need:
~ Black Nail Polish
~ Black Nail Art Pen
~ White Nail Art Pen
~ Yellow Nail Polish

Paint your nails black

Using a white striping brush, or a white polish do diagonal lines

And again

Using the pen end of the two way white nail art pen, draw the outline of a person (you could use a thin paint brush too)

Over the white lines you need to cover it up with a yellow nail polish (or maybe a nail art pen if you have one)

Using the black nail art pen just write on the yellow 'tape' the words "crime" and "scene" and that's that done!

Wish they would bring Grissom back, its not the same without him, Warrick and Sara. Well I think she may be back properly now but who knows! If Morpheus doesn't get let off the hook then that better be a entrance for Grissom to come out of retirement!

What do you think?

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