6 June 2011

Tutorial: Cute Skull Request

I was asked by the lovely Annabella from SkinScrubs for a tutorial about how I would go about doing a cute skull nail art. I had a lot of fun wearing this one, quite 'me' I think.

I used:
Sally Hansen - Nail Quencher
OPI - Obscurity
White Nail Art Pen
Black Nail Art Pen
Pink Nail Art Pen
2mm Pink Gem
Models Own - True Blue
Sally Hansen - Insta-Dri Top Coat

So I started off with a matte black base and then drew on the outline of the skull using the white nail art pen

It doesn't have to be perfect at this stage. Go ahead and fill in the skull outline with more of the white

Dab three pink spots on to the top left

Join up the dots to make a bow, and then define the eyes a little more

I also stuck on a pink gem in the middle of the bow. Also did a masculine skull on my thumb, drew a bandanna on his head to make it more masculine.

I thinks its quite fun and had I not have worn special Johnny Depp nails to see POTC4 then this would have been ideal! And yes I did use a topcoat because it would have looked a little lumpy otherwise. 

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