11 July 2011

Review: ELF - Pressed Powder - Toffee

I did a review of the studio pressed powder and while I like it, I can't actually see any differences between the powders themselves. With the Studio powder you get 9g V's 5g, the studio one comes with a mirror and a little storage compartment for a sponge.

Got this one, which is the darkest in the range to use for a contour and it works amazingly for that. I have tried various contour products and they all seem to have glitter in them which as you know doesn't make for a very natural look. That is when it occurred to me to just use a darker than my own skin tone pressed powder.

 The product is good and I would recommend it to anyone, just make sure you pick out the right colour for your skin tone, also its well packed in to the pan.

Only complaint is the packaging, it doesn't close tight enough and so can't chuck it in your bag because I doubt it could withstand a day of being battered in there. But for £1.50 I think I'd not be too upset if it broke!

£1.50 - 5g

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