6 July 2011

Review: Hair Spiral / Screw

I saw some of these in Asda and they were around £5 for two. I ended up looking on eBay and found three for 99p which is a nice bargain! These are supposedly equivalent of 20 normal kirby grips / bobby pins. 

I seem to go through those clips like no ones business, loosing them and to be fair even the long ones aren't strong enough to hold all my hair up even if I use lots of them. So as far as I can gather you pull up your hair and then screw in one of these pins. Below are the instructions which came with them.

Not overly helpful, but I have managed to use them for both loose and tight buns, french twists and other random knots and updo's

Really sturdy and I don't feel as if I am about to loose the style which is great. I really like them especially at the bargain price of 99p inc P&P for three its wonderful and I totally recommend them to anyone with hair long enough to tie up in to a bun or a twist.

10 / 10

eBay seller I used: Winssstore

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