2 July 2011

Review: Lush Coal Face / Dark Angels

I was commenting on a blog comment a while back and I realised that I hadn't actually written a review for some of my favorite Lush face products. My skin is combo / oily and I pretty always have a spot or two. When I was younger I did suffer with acne but I seem to have almost grown out of it.

I've been using these products for years now and I love them! I don't have any photos right now as I am in dire need of nipping to Lush!

Coal Face
[photo from lush.co.uk]

Lush Say ~ Soothing liquorice and charcoal cleansing bar. Ground up charcoal is very good for your skin. It helps to absorb excess sebum from the skin's surface and acts as a mild exfoliator. We put it into CoalFace with skin softening liquorice root with rosewood and sandalwood essential oils, both rumoured to help cells regenerate and to slow the arrival of wrinkles. Although coal and diamond are both made of the carbon molecule, in this case, charcoal is a girl's (or boy's) best friend.

I think ~ This cleanser soap is so good for every day cleansing, I would totally recommend it for people who are on the oily side as it does 'absorb excess sebum' as Lush claim. At first sometimes the chunk of soap can have a harsher edge depending on how they cut it, its nice for added exfoliation but I wouldn't use that edge everyday. It does smell of liquorice which is odd for a cleanser but it doesn't linger and its not unpleasant. Another bonus is its vegan friendly and animal cruelty free.


£4.35 - 100g

Dark Angels

[photo from lush.co.uk]

Lush Say ~ Deep dark cleansing facial scrub for young, dark and oily skin. A lovely, black, squidgy scrub made with charcoal to absorb oils and exfoliate your skin. Nutritious avocado oil softens your skin, glycerine keeps the moisture in and black sugar softly scrubs; rhassoul mud is anti-microbial and cleanses deeply, while sandalwood and rosewood essential oils are soothing, giving you a feeling of smooth, clean freshness that is difficult to beat. It's our new favourite, even if we aren't very young. Just be a bit careful that you wash it off properly and clean the wash basin after you.

I Think ~ First thing is the appearance, it really doesn't look appealing! But then again your not eating it! All of the pots of this I have had before have been very much black, so maybe this was a dodgy stock photo. It doesn't have a particular scent and has lots of exfoliating chunks of charcoal, its harsh enough to be an exfoliator but not too harsh. Good for once a week.

Its a little different to your standard cleanser but basically its a little like play-doh in consistency. You pinch a pea sized amount and put it on your hand then add a few drops of water to make it in to a paste and then you rub over your face as usual. It leaves my face feeling much more cleaner and exfoliated and I really like it. It again does absorb oils the way it claims too.

Only thing is it is a little messy, the sink is left with black flecks in it and you have to be quite careful to clean off the black from your face because its obvious when you've not washed it off properly. That though for me is a great thing!


£5.80 - 100g

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