18 July 2011

Review: Tangle Teezer - Compact

I wasn't going to bother purchasing this as well as the traditional tangle teezer, but I liked the original one that much that I needed one for my handbag! That combined with me buying one for a swap for someone and seeing how cute and travel sized it was.

The compact one is very similar to the original in terms of its functioning, de-tangling hair quickly without being damaging.

Main difference is the cap which clips in to the main brush. Its designed like that so to make sure the plastic bristles don't get damaged when you have it in your bag.

Another point to note is the size of it, it fits much better in the hand than the original. Above is the compact and below is the original

I bought the all black compact tangle teezer new from eBay for £10.50 and I would totally recommend it to people who like to brush there hair when out and about! Also it comes in various colours if you are more that way inclined!

eBay Seller used: tangleteezerstore2

If you want to see some more photos of the leaflet about hair care etc then click read more :)

Rather patriotic I think!

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