24 July 2011

Review: Vapur Water Bottle

So this might seem way off from the usual topic of the blog but its a great handy product for your handbag. 

You may of heard of the link between drinking water from plastic bottle and cancers, although there is a lot of controversy about this. I did some research (putting my MSc to good use for once!) and found out that while there was a lot of conflicting evidence out there, there is a risk of BPA (Bisphenol A, an estrogenic) and breast cancer. However don't take my word as gospel though, do your own research before making your own mind up.

Anyway enough of the science, this is the Vapur Anti Bottle I really like the idea of this bottle because it rolls / folds up which means it fits in your handbag so much more easily especially once empty. When you fill it up it stands up like a normal bottle, you can freeze it which is nice during the summer.

I did buy a metal water bottle for the same reason but it wouldn't seal up properly and ended up drenching the content of my bag, this one does seal well so no worries there! It also has a hook clip in case you want to hook it off something.

It comes in lots of colours but I bought the black one. Holds 16oz / 1pt / 473ml

I bought this myself from this eBay seller: tyco.ltd

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