25 July 2011

Swatch: OPI Go Goth

I wouldn't go as far to describe myself as 'goth' but then again I don't like labels. I am me and my name can be my label. Anyhoo I am someone who likes darker colours and so this mini set was something I had been lusting after for bloody ages!

The box got a bit beaten up in the post from America but that's okay as the products themselves were fine. Very small bottles which I was expecting, I wasn't expecting to find the bottles to be so cute though. I mean its only a nail polish right!

Quite like the cuff as well, yes its supposed to be for Halloween wear but its the sort of thing I wear anyhow

Unripened is a really special sort of a shade, its quite unique but you need to see it larger to see that. Green, shimmer, green glitter flecks

Nevermore is a nice blackened purple / blue shade. Nice but not unique.

Obscurity is a wonderfully matte black polish, I like how it leaves a nice matte smooth finish as some of the other black mattes I have tried have left a lot to be desired what with their streaks and bumpy finish.

Sanguine is a pretty much standard deep, dark red shimmer sort of a shade. While I like it I don't think its anything especially special or different. Its darker than ELF's Cranberry although they do have the same finish. Its slightly darker than Sleek's Royalty but as I own a full size bottle of that the colours are similar enough to not need the both of them.

My only issue with the polishes is the brush is very small which makes doing a good paint job a bit difficult. That being said I do like all four shades and will be looking in to buying a full sized Unripened, if I can find it that is! Or even a dupe would do :D

Anyone know of one?

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