27 August 2011

ELF: Top Ten!

As you know I do like ELF products and so thought I would do a post on which products I always will repurchase, have backups of and need to have! This is a top ten, and while I do like other products they aren't right up there in the top ten. The list isn't in order.

I totally love this, it makes my foundation last longer, pores less noticeable and keeps oil under control. Only complaint is the bad packaging, change it to a tube like Urban Decay PP did and it will be 10/10!

Wonderful powder for setting a foundation, or each quarter can be used for colour correcting. Have about three back ups of this, and it does make a difference to the tone of the skin.

At first I didn't really like this, I suppose there is a learning curve from liquid to powder foundation. This is great for the summer as it has a SPF and you don't feel as if your wearing actual foundation. Right now I'm using this almost everyday.

For £1.50 each of these brushes are amazing, the eye shadow brush picks up plenty of colour and the blending brush isn't too soft or too hard and so it can blend out any harsh lines. Bargain!

ELF really is getting a lot better with their colour range of polishes. They are all big 3 free, nice brush, last 2-3 days without top coat. All for £1.50! I have 36 of these...

7. Studio Powder Brush
Fantastic brush, have three of these! Great for applying powder as the name suggests but also good for applying liquid foundation. Lots of people seem to rave about this as well.

8. Mineral Blush - Joy
[photo from ELF]
Nice blush for paler skin tones, adds a gentle soft pink to the cheek. I use this with the studio stipple brush because with it being a powder blush it is so easy to pick up too much product.

9. Mineral Lipstick - Barely Bitten
One of those lipsticks which is my lip colour only a little better which is perfect for day to day wear. The formulation is moisturising and not too hard or too soft. Lasts relatively well.

10. Eyelid Primer
I find both the standard line and the mineral line primers to be very much similar. They both work fantastically well and are almost on a par with Urban Decay Primer Potion, however they are a fraction of the price!

I do really like other products and had such a hard time doing this! I think I would pick mineral booster - sheer if it were 11 top products!

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