29 August 2011

Review: 500 Nail Tips

The nails came wrapped in lots of bubble wrap inside of a grey plastic envelope. The various size nails from 0-9 come in individual packages, within a larger bag

The size range is good, and with 50 nails for each size it means the pack will last a while. There are some really big sizes which are not good for myself but useful if you have larger thumbs or for practising nail art on

Nails are of a good quality and don't appear to have any sharp or uneven edges, also the sizes are uniform

The length of the nails is adequate, when I have used them I have cut them down so they are more practical but the length is long enough if you prefer things that way

This product is versatile and I have used them for actual nails as well as practice. This is a little selection of designs I have attempted to do

Overall I really like these nails, a basic essential I think. 500 nails for less that £2 with free delivery what more could you want! Bargain!

10 / 10

£1.94 - 500pc

If you would like 5% off then you could use my referral code if you wanted to

[These were provided to me by BIC to review]

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