19 August 2011

Review: Book - The Art of Nails by Jacqui Jefford

I checked out the books relating to nail art at my local library and picked up this one and which it did have a couple of really odd designs the majority of the nail art designs were interesting enough. 

Here are a couple of pages, nice big photos along with how to's. 
Some of the models though do need to work on how to model nail art!

There are a couple of designs for males

Overall I think the book is nice to have a browse of but it doesn't exactly give much information out as how to start things off. It also seems heavily sponsored by certain brands.

I thought encasing lace within an acrylic nail was quite unique

Really liked the weird and wacky nails from this page

6 / 10

To see some of the nail art in the book which I attempted then click read more...

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