15 August 2011

Review: Essence Better Than Gel Nails Kit

I got this in a swap with Ivana. Always wanting to try out something new, and as luck had it my nails had all broken and were short. Perfect for trying out this kit.

Essence Better Than Gel Nails
- Nail File
- Nail Tips
- Nail Glue
- Base Coat
- Top Coat
- Nail Tip Remover

Quite a lot of this kit is replaceable, as in you could use a cheaper glue and file. Also the tips, but that is a different review! Claims to last for up to ten days, something I thought I would test out. You roughen up natural nail tips, stick on french tips, snap off plastic placer, use base and top coat and you are done!

Day One
The kit was easy to use, although I did glue the ring finger tip on a couple of millimetres higher than it should have been. My nails looked wonderfully glossy and had that perfect french tip.

Day Two
They continued to look and feel really nice, shame I misplaced that ring finger tip though!

Day Three
I started to get bored at this point and so did a little nail art. By this point I would have had chipping and tip wear had the tips been done with polish.

Day Four
There was a little bit of scuffing of the shiny top coat at this point but still looking good.

Day Five
Again I wanted to switch things up but the gel nail tip nails still were looking good and behaving.

Day Six
The base of the nails were beginning to get annoying and catching on my hair. I doubt this was just down to  nail growth though, as you can see in the photo they were coming away from the nail plate and so the next day I had to remove them.

The remover worked well although the little tendrils inside did tickle my fingers! You just stick a finger in and twist it against the rubber tendrils and the liquid helps remove the gel nails.

So the nail kit which claims to last up to ten days for me lasted 7 days, but had I not have been a perfectionist I think 9 is the maximum amount of days they would have lasted for me. The claim of perfect, smooth french line with no chipping or fading was accurate though which is important. The kit only comes with enough tips for one manicure, however there are places which sells the french tips and you can reuse the rest of the kit with those. Essence also do them in silver and white. 

I am glad I got the chance to try out this kit, I doubt I would repurchase though because A) Essence are incredibly difficult to come across in the UK and B) After one manicure you still have enough left overs to use again and again so no need to repurchase nail files and glue again.

The kit itself really does leave you with a moderate length french manicure, which if this is something you are aiming for then I would recommend this to you.


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