12 August 2011

Review: Nailene - Acrylic Sculpture Kit

So the kit is around the £10 mark and is reusable, the smell of the acrylic liquid is bad but not as bad as others I have smelt. Still open a window if you are using this inside!

The sculpting brush is worth a mention, its really good at being able to make a nice bead of acrylic. Although you don't get any brush cleaner in the kit which is amiss as over time the brush does get hard and full of product.

I do prefer natural nails on myself however from time to time it is nice to have long nails, or if you break one its handy to have a fake one to even out the lengths if you break one.

The kit comes with most of the things you need to apply acrylic nails
- Acrylic Liquid
- Glue
- Acrylic Powder
- 40 Nail Tips
- Brush
- File

Something which isn't in the kit is a nail clipper, although you can use scissors for that. The kit comes with 20 white nail tips, and 20 'natural' tips.

So the idea is you use the file to make your natural nails none shiny, try on the tips and make sure they fit and use the glue on the nail tip and then hold them on the nail until they stick.

Using nail clippers or scissors cut them to the length you want. I really don't think it would be very practical to wear them the length shown above. I couldn't!

Once you have filed them down so there are no sharp edges you can move on to using the acrylic, I couldn't take photos of myself doing this. Don't have enough hands! But its similar to this

Dip the brush in the liquid, push it against the edge of the bottle neck to squeeze out a little liquid and then dip it in to the powder for 3-4 seconds to create a small bead and then spread it over the natural nail. Repeat the process over the entire nail and tip

That's all for the how to, other than buffing the nails to achieve a high shine finish.

I might buy this again it seems to work and last around three weeks before you need a refill. There is plenty of liquid and powder so it would last a while if you purchased the tips separately. 

9 / 10

£9.98 - Asda

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