10 August 2011

Review: Nakomi Stamping Plate M55

I recently got this nail art stamping plate from BuyInCoins. I hadn't tried any of their nail plates before so I was quite hesitant about the quality of the plate and if the designs would actually stamp. Luckily I was pleasantly surprised! This one is M55 and it has seven fruit designs on it. Arrived really well packed in lots of bubble wrap and was free postage.

It arrived with a protective plastic layer and was in its own plastic packaging.

The plate has a blue toned clear sticker which is useful as in the past other plates I had tried have had clear ones which make it a little harder to tell if you have removed it or not. Make sure you do before use!

Close up of designs

I'm not an expert at stamping but am getting better. As you can see all of the designs printed across well. I only had problems with the bottom one, not sure what the design is supposed to be though? Olives? The design would have printed better had I of used special printing polish I think.

I would recommend this particular stamping plate, and I will be checking out their website again to see which other plate designs they have. Only complain is I don't know what that one design is but that could be my stupidity  Much cheaper than Konad ones which are around the £6 mark.

Doing the stamping really made me crave strawberries! Very summer-inspired!

£1.30 - BuyInCoins

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