3 August 2011

Review: Nose Clay Mask

The majority of the text on the product is in Korean, but its pretty much self explanatory. I saw a review about this on Gaby's Blog and thought it might be worth a try especially for the price.

Basically it is a nose strip for clearing black heads from your nose, in the format of a clay:
- Smear on the nose
- Wait for 15-20 mins while it dries
- Peel off!

Now on to some photos:
(Bare in mind that if you have a piercing like me to remove the ring / stud before using)


Hopefully as you can see from my hideous photos that the product does work. You can also look at all the stuff pulled out of your nose which is disgusting but much better to have it out than still in! 

For £3.50 it is quite a good price as you can use this multiple times. It is better than the pore strips in my opinion because it can fit in to all the curves of your nose whereas the strips don't often bend enough. Also if you have clogged pores anywhere else on your face you could easily use this on those areas too. As this is in a squeezable plastic tube it makes little mess, only packaging criticism would be the screw on lid, it should be a flip type one. The scent is minimal and none offensive.

I'd recommend this if you have tried pore strips before and found them not flexible enough.
Or if you have clogged pores in general!


£3.50 - 50g
eBay Seller - behappy1225

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