9 August 2011

Review: NYC Slider Lipgloss Tin

Missing ELF's candy shop lip glosses? Well while I was in Poundland recently I found a nail polish / lip gloss combo by NYC. Initially I bought it for the nail polish as I have a little addiction going on but on trying this out I have to say that it is very similar to the candy shop lip gloss from ELF. Possibly a dupe although who knows which came first!

It is the same size, has the same amount of product in, has the same feel to it being a sliding tin

However it has a plastic window which means you can see the colour, also shows how much you have used. The colour of the tin isn't bad however the ELF tins did have cute retro designs on. Also the scent of them are different to each other.

Overall it is pretty much the same product, the one I got was in the shade Sugar Rush which is very similar to the ELF Cherry Bomb. In my opinion they are equally as glossy, not too sticky, moderately pigmented.

Really recommend checking out poundland if you want to try this out, or are running out on a stash of lip tins as I was! As this was in poundland chances are they have been discontinued, so grab them if you see them.


50p - Poundland

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