20 August 2011

Review: Skin 79 - BB Cream

BB Cream seems to be swirling around in the 'beauty' blog-o-sphere and I couldn't help but be lured in by all the claims the product makes. Three functions in one, now that sounds like an amazing product!

Super+ Belmish Balm Triple Function
- Whitening
- UV Protecting spf 25
- Anti Ageing

So along with those claims the product is supposedly a moisturiser, primer and foundation. A wonder product! Now I have tried this product out and I have made some opinions, although I can't comment on the anti ageing properties but if it has SPF then I imagine that will help.

BB Cream originated in Asia which is why it is whitening, I don't know why Asian woman might want to look lighter in complexion but we all want what we can't have to certain extents. I am quite pale to begin with and I havent noticed it lightening my skin but I haven't been using it everyday. Having a built in SPF is good as it means less products to be applied, some SPF creams are quite oily and don't sink in well which is why this is a good quality to have.

L: Spread about
R: Pumped on to skin

So the cream only comes in one shade which is a little strange for a foundation product although because it is more light in coverage this isn't a issue for myself and other pale skin tones. I would imagine this not working on medium to dark skin tones. 

If you have normal to dry skin then I would go ahead and apply a moisturiser first as this quite likes to stick to dry patches. Nothing a little moisturiser beforehand wont fix. Once applied it really is just like a tinted moisturiser, pink undertoned. It left my face looking shiny and screamed out for a setting powder, I used ELF's Complexion Perfection and it worked well and mattifyed my face too. This won't give great coverage but its good for those days when you want a little even-ness in your complexion but don't want to go in for a foundation.

Lasting power isn't all that amazing, lasts around six hours on my skin. It fades, doesnt become patchy though so its not awful looking.

The packaging is different from what I have seen before, all plastic and felt light so me being me decided to crack open the packaging to have a look inside. When I did this though I ended up breaking the pump, but the pump concept is good for a product like this. 

For the price I would say try it if you are interested. Just really don't buy from here as its $29.99! Not sure if I will be repurchasing, think I will continue to use it and then make my mind up. I am unsure as to if this is a genuine product, but am sure someone will have wrote how to spot a fake somewhere online.


£4.51 - 40g

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