1 August 2011

Shopping Trip: July 2011

Its been a while since I last did one of these sorts of posts, suppose I haven't been out buying very much. 

SKIN79 Super + BB Triple Function Cream
Nail Polish Removal Pen
Black Gel Eyeliner

Mineral Booster
Mineral Foundation

Copper / Gum Pink / Mint Cream / Innocent

Mineral Primer x2
Complexion Perfection x2
Cuticle Pen
Mineral Lipstick - Ripe Rose
Cuticle Pushers

Red Velvet / Golden Goddess / Hot Pink / Medium Red
Clear / Purple Dream / Fuchsia / Mod Mauve 

I do like me a 50% off sale! Which is also something Eyeko did also:
Lilac / Vintage / Rain

Heard that Eyeko were stopping selling polishes, I wonder why?

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