26 September 2011

25 September 2011

Swatch: NYC - West Village 204B Polish

This is a crème finish nail polish, it has no shimmer to it despite it looking as it does with the flash. It is a deep dark blue, a true navy. What I like about this polish is while it is dark on the nail you can tell its navy rather than black.

Lasting Power: Average
Opacity: Three coats needed
Brush type: Standard

24 September 2011

Nails: Navy Zig Zags

Base Polish: NYC - West Village
Stamping Plate: BM 201
Stamping Polish: Barry M - Blueberry Ice Cream
Top Coat:  NYC - Fast Dry Nail Enamel

17 September 2011

Nails: Red Velvet Flowers

Base: ELF - Red Velvet
Stamping Plate: BM 205
Stamping Polish: ELF - Black

16 September 2011

Nails: Shoes

Base: Eyeko - Saucy / Stargazer - Chrome
Stamping Plate: BM 213
Stamping Polish: Miss Sporty - Red Tango

8 September 2011

Nails: Zebra Half Moons

Base: Miss Sporty - 330
Stamping Plate: BM 223
Polish: Sally Hansen Hard as Wraps - White
Stamping Polish: ELF - Black

Nails: Feline #2

7 September 2011

Nails: Leopard Print

Base: Essence - Metallics - 01 Iron Goddess
Stamping Plate: BM 221
Stamping Polish: Special Black


6 September 2011

Nails: Lillies

Base: Models Own - Matte Black
Dot Polish: Models Own - Gun Grey
Rhinestones: eBay


Swatch: W7 - Red Crackle

I saw this and thought it would go really nice over black. But the polish isn't as thick as the Barry M and when put on top of a dark colour it just doesn't show up.

It does however show up over lighter colours.

5 September 2011

Nails: Taped up Purples

Nails: Purple Fences

Base: ELF - Party Purple
Stamping Plate: BM209
Stamping Polish: Special stamping polish in black


3 September 2011

Nails: Purple Stamped Flowers

Base: ELF - Party Purple
Stamping Plate: M70
Stamping Polish: Barry M - Indigo