28 September 2011

Review: Acrylic Flower Molds

The talented Lara showed us all how to make little acrylic flowers for our nails, and although it looked easy enough I did have a few problems doing them myself. So that is where these molds come in fantastically!

I got these two molds from ByInCoins, one is roses where as the other one is another type of flower 

I had some black acrylic powder and liquid acrylic, once I had made it up I stuck it in the mold and tried to make the back level. It was quite easy to do after a couple of goes. As you can see I did make a bit of a pigs ear of it at first!

Left them to dry for about 10 mins and then popped out the acrylic

I used a craft knife to cut off the excess around the edges, with practice I doubt this step would be needed

And yes I found some black glitter acrylic in my stash along with the plain black

All that is needed is to use them in some nail art

[Stargazer - 105 - Blue]

I used an old base coat which turned everything bubbly, but your creativity is the only limit when it comes to using them on the nails.

I got mine from BuyInCoins for 76p each, bargain! Just need to get some different colour acrylic powder now!

10 / 10

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