7 September 2011

Review: Born Pretty Store - Hand

A super quick review of the practice hand from Born Pretty Store. I purchased this because while I can easily do my own nails I am not good with doing other peoples, something to do with the angles. Also generally I don't see many people to practice on. 

So for $7.59 you get this life sized hand which has nail beds where you can slip a false nail tip in. These though don't come with the hand, and for me they don't seem to stay in too well so I use some sticky tack to hold them in place like a natural nail. The hand doesn't look too real to life as it has no knuckles or other features.

On the website it claims that the hand is flexible and while you can move the fingers they don't stay in place. The hand is made from quite thick plastic so while you can move the fingers they don't have anything to hold them in place inside the fingers and so ping back right away. 

I actually bought this with BPS points, so saved myself £4.79. Overall its a good enough practice hand at a third of the price as the standard ones I have seen in the UK.

8 / 10

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